Frequently Asked Questions


1) Q. Can I bring my air mattress to sleep on?

A. Sorry, the bunk beds are unable to accommodate them safely. Thermarests and sleeping pads work well.

2) Q. Is there Internet service?

A. No. Camp Cal offers a chance to take a break from it. There is cell service in the area.

3) Q. Can I bring my dog on site?

A. Sorry, please leave all pets at home.

4) Q. Why have a separate cleaning fee?

A. Since COVID, cleaning standards have changed. Rather than rely on volunteers, we now hire a team of cleaners to come in and do a thorough cleaning. We are looking out for your health & safety as much as possible.

5) Q. I understand there is a labyrinth on site. Can I just go ahead and use it?

A. This was shaped out and seeded with clover in Fall 2022 and will take a couple of years to grow and fill out. Please refrain from walking or driving in this area (north field from Hinchliffe Hall). We will let you know when it’s ready for use.